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Creating Network Files

From 2D Lines

Networks can also be created from LWpolylines but the resulted networks require additional work to assign levels and element properties.
Lines can be converted to LWPOLYLINES using the command L2PL 
1- Network name if new
2- Network layer color
3- Connection type
4- Block name
5- Add to existing if any
6- If nodes already exist (either the belong to a network or not) at the end of the pipes they will be used instead of adding new ones.
7- LWpolylines ends must be connected without gaps, this will help to pull any vertex within the given value to the node.

From Pasted Elements

     Copying networks and pasting them in a new file is the easiest way to import networks from other files, this is common when combining networks in one file to check clashes or draw profiles with crossing networks. However, the pasted elements will not be considered valid networks (or part of a network) unless they get modified (promoted) to be real networks, this command will ask the user to select the new elements and do the required steps to convert them to a valid network. Existing network elements will be filtered out automatically if selected.
User can decide if the new elemnts will be moved to a new layers depending on the network name or leaving them in their original layers.