Edit Networks

In this section, users can edit network general properties, fix errors and apply changes to the whole network elements.

Edit Network Properties ( EDNP )

Note: Changes of this command will not automatically update existing profiles or layout annotations, they need to be manually updated,

Name: To rename the network, this will not rename existing layers
Node Block: The default block can be changed to be used with newly added nodes, old nodes will not be replaces.
Layout Style: Basic style is the default, it can be changed here and this will update the annotations of the nodes and pipes when applying layout style commands manually or automatically when their levels or properties changed.
Profile Style: The change will affect new profiles, the old ones will use it when the get updated (typically using UU command) they have no value.
Profile Surface: The surfaces to be used in profiles can be asigned here.
Line Type: The default pipe arrow block can be changed here, the old ones need to be deleted manually to be replaced with new ones. (arrows can be safely deleted using autocad commands, they will come again when applying layout style)

Edit Network Properties

Edit Network Levels ( EDNL )

With this command levels of the pipes and cover levels of nodes of the whole network can be set. they can be set to fixed value or to aquire it from existing serface (or combined surface).
Pipe level will depend on the network connection type, it can be Invert, Center or Top level.

Edit Network Levels

Other Commands

Fix Network Errors: Try to reconnect pipes to nodes at their ends or prompt for missing nodes.
Find Zero length pipes: Zero length can cause problems and unpredicted errors, finding and deleting them is recommended.
Check Pipe Angles: Check the angle of the inbound pipes with the outgoing pipe are equal or less than the given value and draw a point if not.
Find Orphan Nodes: Search and draw a point object at the nodes that are not connected to pipes.
Network Filtered Selection: see here
Copy Network to Clipboard: This will copy all pipes and nodes to the clipboard in one step in order to paste them in another drawing.
Delete Network: Prompts to delete network, it will try to delete the default layers as well. if members were in different layers the layers will not be deleted.

Edit Network Other Commands

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