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Edit Pipes

In addition to the commands ( EDL, EDP, and EDM) the following commands to be used for editing pipes

Delete Pipe
Pick piped to delete but be careful it will delete the profile in which that pipe is a member. If the pipe is crossing a profile, it will need to be updated manually.
Add Pipe
Pipe can only be added between 2 nodes. Pick the 1st then the last.
Note: the pipe will be created with the lowes level of the node and default pipe size (160mm), it will need to be modified for the correct properties and levels.
Reverse Pipe
Flow direction can be reversed using this command
Match Pipe Levels
Pipe levels (crown, center or invert based on connection type) can be copied from another pipe connected to the same node.
Pick the destination pipe then the source pipe. The command works in layouts as well as profiles.
Draw Pipe Thickness
With this command pipes width in layout will be drawn to scale as shown. 

U/S Node ID to Pipe Label:
Pipes can be labeled based on the upstream node ID by adding prefix/suffix to the node ID to get uniq labels. If the numbering of the node was in proper sequience e.g. when numbering the nodes using the numbering commands ANUM or QNUM then the pipe lines can be defined based on the pipe labels since they will have same prefix with different numbers. this can be used to create profiles automatically.

Import Pipes Data:
With this command pipe properties, levels and can be updated from CSV file. updates will be based on the Start and End Node ID or pipe Label, and they must be unique otherwise updating base on property with duplicated values will be total mess.