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Exporting Network Files

Hydraulic Networks can be Exmported to other design software in the following formats:

Exporting CSV & TXT files

Exporting to CSV is the best choice for gravity networks where pipes have no in-between vertices. The program will export extra information related to SmartUtils module format like the in-between virtices of pipes and node visibilty status, this will help importing the module with minimum data loss. It will not export the annotation positions but this can be done using another command.

Exporting EPANET files

Exporting EPANET is good choice for multi-vertices pipes but EPANET format can only export levels at nodes, not pipes, user may decide what these levels are, Pipe Centers or Crown Level (depending on the network connection type) or Ground Level.

Note: the program will use the levels of the pipes if Center/Crown selected. If Ground Level was selected, the program will use the Center/Crown plus a soil cover specified by the user.

Exporting LandXML files

The main advantage of exporting to XML is to convert SmartUtils network modules to C3D modules, the process is straight forward, user will specify the file name and select a network from a list.

Note: XML pipes can have only 2 vertices (ends). Any in-between vertices will be ignored (for the time being, a work around is to add null structure to these vertices).