A collection of AutoCAD productivity tools, updated frequently based on users demand. 

  • Create Rainbow Utility Corridors 
  • Detect clashes between corridors and utilities.
  • Many frequently used tools, customize upon clients demand
  • One to one premium support.
  • Growing and updated heavily.
  • Current version is  1.2.7 released on 2021/10/14


Smart tools for AutoCAD ( SmartTools ) is a collection of Visual Lisp routines written based on clients demand, some are general tools and others written for specific jobs.
With one to one  premium support clients can request more tools or to enhance the current ones. 
The SmartTools software is already available as part of the main software Smart-Utils as well as the stand alone version. 
The software is tested to work on AutoCAD 2010 and above. 


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