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Smart Utilities for CAD (SmartUtils) is a software to create lightweight hydraulic network modules instead of the complicated Civil 3D modules. The SmartUtils modules are easier to create and manage and require less hardware resources and can handle huge networks without the need to split them into smaller networks over several files.
Drawing Layouts, Profiles and Clash Detection is significantly easier than C3D. Engineers can use SmartUtils to create, modify their network modules, detect, and fix any clashes with other networks, create profiles and layout styles themselves leaving the minor part of the job to the CAD technicians.
The software is a Visual Lisp add-on to AutoCAD Civil 3D 2010 and higher. It works with standard AutoCAD but some features will not be available like the functions related to Surfaces and creating Civil 3D networks as they are not available in Standard AutoCAD.
Hardware requirements depend on the project size, typically any hardware run Civil 3D efficiently will be sufficient.
The software currently uses the IS Units, all units are in meters, except when dealing with section sizes (diameters) millimeters are used.
To run the program, users will be provided with the lisp loader file which will take care of loading the main files. Users may store the file on their local drive and load it when required.
To load the software, run the AutoCAD command APPLOAD and browse to where the loader file stored. On success, the menu SmartUtils will appear at the end (right most) of AutoCAD menu bar.
The menu will have the following entries (plus some extra entries for generic use)

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